Tawa School

The original school, Tawa Flat, was established in 1855 and for many years was the only school in Tawa. Over the years the school has changed. In the early years the school sat alone in a paddock. In time it grew to over 1000 pupils and space was at such a premium that some children were taught in a marquee on our present parking area. We are proud of the long tradition of our school and of the past pupils who have made important contributions to the New Zealand and global communities. Our school has members of staff who attended the school as pupils. We have the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of past pupils. Reflecting this tradition is an important part of our modern school.

Tawa School enrols children from new entrants (fantastic fives) to intermediate (year 8).

Linden School

We are a small community school that has been serving the Linden and Tawa area since 1952. With a long and proud history the school has pupils from New Entrant level to Year 6. With students from a wide range of cultures we are truly multicultural and represent a real slice of New Zealand.

At Linden School, our focus is on quality teaching to ensure every child achieves their potential. We focus on building supportive community relationships and on providing high quality educational programmes where every child is valued and a passion for learning is developed.

Redwood School

Redwood School opened on 2 February 1966 with a roll of 168 children and four teachers. The principal was Mr Con Coffey. The school takes its name from the area of Tawa known as Redwood with both the Redwood area and Redwood Avenue named in recognition of Dr Francis William Redwood (1839-1935), Archbishop of Wellington.

In 1959 the Tawa Development Corporation began work on Redwood Avenue with surrounding streets soon after, 7 years after this the school was founded. Over the years the school roll has fluctuated and peaked in 1974 with 617 children.


More Information:

Tawa School:

Address: 6A Oxford Street, Tawa, Wellington 5028

Phone: 04-232 6453

Website: Tawa School

Linden School:

Address: 58 Ranui Terrace, Tawa, Wellington 5028

Phone: 04-232 5329

Website: Linden School

Redwood School:

Address: 71A Redwood Avenue, Tawa, Wellington 5028

Phone: 04-232 7704

Website: Redwood School

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