Tawa Rugby Club

The Tawa Rugby Football Club was formed in 1947. The foundations for making the club a proud community based sporting organisation was built on the commitment and values of a small group of outstanding young men who worked hard to make their living during the week, and loved to play their rugby just as hard on the weekend.

Our club has come a long way since the late 1940s and 50s when our senior team had to use a gravel patch outside the Tawa Fire Station as our training fieldand when that was not possible due to weather.

The club caters for all types of players with strong representation in Premier, Senior First, Colts, a highly successful 80/80 grade team and a Women's team.

Tawa Swim Club

The Tawa Swimming Club was established in 1971 and is based at the Tawa Pool. The club has a long and proud history of teaching children from our community to swim.

Tawa Swimming Club serves as a quality, community swim school as well as a force in the competitive swimming scene.

The Club comprises a Club swimming programme and Competitive swimming squads. Tawa Swimming Club is run by volunteers, with competitive swimming squads overseen by a professional coach.

Tawa Squash Club

The club's genesis was in early 1965 when Trevor Levy, Charles Hodson and Malcolm Bottomley met to discuss the formation of a club in Tawa. On May 11, 1965, a public meeting was held and the club was formed. About 70 people turned up, and most joined the that evening, each paying 5 pounds.

Levy went to mayor Mervyn Kemp and asked about the opportunity of building a facility. Kemp apparently responded: "You build it, I'll provide the land." The club was opened in 1967. The Tawa Squash Club has close to 300 members ranging from complete beginners, right up to New Zealand representatives.


More Information:

Tawa Rugby Club:

Address: 23A Lyndhurst Road, Tawa, Wellington 5028

Phone: 04-232 7383

Website: Tawa Rugby Website

Tawa Swim Club:

Address: 23 Davies Street, Tawa, Wellington 5028

Phone: 04-232 7041

Website: Tawa Swim Website

Tawa Squash Club:

Address: 67 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington 5028

Phone: 04-232 8200

Website: Tawa Squash Website

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